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I am learning so much about myself by studying astrology. I'm also learning how misunderstood astrology is. It's not about predicting the future - it's more about learning who you and other people are - which helps you make informed decisions about what you want your future to look like.

For instance, though I am an aries and do have the fiery disposition, restless nature, and am opinionated, somewhat reckless and impulsive at times, and am not at all time oriented - all things associated with Aries. I am also seeing how I was influenced by my upbringing. Both my parents are Taureans and their practicality, frugality, stubbornness, sense of responsibility etc. have been enbedded in my psyche. Can I also say that living with their rules, restrictions etc. etc. always drove me completely crazy and my mother and I nearly killed each other when I was a teenager.

Well, I married another Aries - only I didn't really. He's on the cusp of Taurus and has a ton more Taurean traits than Arien traits - freaking hell, I married my family and my family makes me crazy as much as I love them - d'oh!

The real pickle here...the only other immediate family member I have is my brother who is a Capricorn and we drive each other crazy too...less so than my parents, but still crazy. Did I mention Dave is a Capricorn? Could I possibly just be repeating really bad choices/patterns in my life? This will have to be looked into. At least I feel like on some level my brother is capable of understanding parts of me - my parents have never seemed to be able to grasp who I am in the slightest. I've always kind of felt that their general attitude toward me is that they love me, will support me in whatever I choose for my life, but don't know why the heck I choose the things I do and just don't understand me in general.


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