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He's currently at my feet by the computer snoring away that boston snore. Isn't he just adorable?!?

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Happy Birthday Robyn!!!!
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Happy Birthday Kelli!!! Hope it's a good one!
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This is Abbie. She is my first foster dog, I picked her up today. She is 4 years old and came into the rescue because her human mommy passed away. I call her little orphan Abbie. She is a big girl weighing in at 27 pounds! Compared to the Pru who is only 12, I keep looking at her and going...you're so big! She's cute as a button - and just the sweetest dog. Just wants to be near you, wants to cuddle. Not a lap dog, wants to sit next to you on the couch. I can already tell I'm going to bawl like a baby when it comes time to send her onto her forever home. What a doll baby!


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Lone Star
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Hmm, he's the one that said if I ever contacted him again or showed up at his place he'd call the police, but he's reading my journal and leaving me nasty e-mail. Yeah, uh huh, I'm the immature one. I've moved on with my life, heck I HAVE a life. So we're going to friends only. If you've been reading and want to continue you'll have to make your own account comment below and I will add you as a friend. Sorry for the inconvenience to the rest of you.
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The shed lives! It took the 5 of us the better part of 3 hours to assemble the puppy, but it's up. Let's hope we don't get high winds and it blows away before I can load it down with my crap. :) I am truly blessed to have family and friends that will pitch in and help me out. There is no way I could have *ever* gotten that shed up by myself.

After the assembly "party" we all went to see Fantastic 4 which I thought was pretty entertaining. So I just got home a little bit ago and even though I'm physically exhausted I'm so wound up I won't be able to sleep for a while. I'm really up tonight, happy, singing along with the radio kind of up. It's a good thing.
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I couldn't help but think of the last Dave when reading this excerpt from Mars and Venus Starting Over:


Tom felt good about his divorce. He was relieved to get out and be free. When he was married, he had been completely frustrated. He felt that no matter what he did for his wife it was never enough. No matter what he said, it was the wrong thing. He explained, "She was just too demanding. There was no fun. A relationship should be fun." Read more... )
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I think I'm over scheduling my life. It can't really be helped too much though I have to work and I have to keep working on unpacking and getting settled in the new place. Tomorrow night my brother, Beth, her son Jason and maybe Grace are coming over to help me finish up the shed. So that will be a step in the right direction. I haven't looked to see how the foundation of the shed is holding up with all this rain. Hopefully it's doing okay. I'm going to bed now.

You Are 50% Weird

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My brother (god bless his soul) came over to help me assemble a shed tonight. It took us the better part of 4 hours just to prepare and level the ground where the shed will one day be assembled. By then it was 9:30 and we knew we weren't doing any more tonight. He said if I find someone else to help me finish it up he won't feel offended at all. :) So I have to wait a few more days at least before I'll have my shed and can start moving some of this clutter out of my way. *sigh* Such is life.

I spent the better part of the day scared out of my gourd about how I feel about Dave (the most recent one) then I realized that I don't need to figure that out just yet. I also spent part of the day thinking about the last Dave and what my feelings are for him. My brain recognizes that things never could have worked out between us long term but my heart hasn't quite caught up with my brain yet. Good ol' Dr. John Gray confirmed my musings in his book Mars and Venus Starting Over which I just picked up today and started to read - he calls it emotional lag time and likens the speed that the mind recovers from a breakup to the speed of light while likening the speed that the heart recovers to the speed of sound. So I'm trying to allow my heart the freedom to work through the feelings it still has for the last Dave and acknowledge that it's okay for me to still feel sad, wistful, etc. that he is no longer in my life. It's okay that my heart still loves him and can't quite let go of him yet even though my brain has recognized that I am better off without him. I'm still grieving that loss and if I don't allow myself to actually feel those emotions I'll never heal fully and be capable of finding a healthy, loving relationship and truly move on with my life. If there is one thing I've learned it's that it takes more than just attraction to make love and it takes more than just love to make a healthy relationship.

On a completely unrelated note, I found jean shorts for $4.99 at Mr. B's - yes! I love a good deal. I had discovered holes in two pair of my short yesterday so I went shopping for some today and just happened upon a great sale. Love when that happens. Also got a really cute pair of Bongo jeans with a really cute belt for $9.99, gotta love that.
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You're Watership Down!

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So what have I been talking about ALL week? Getting together on Thursday with Sue and her daughter Kyla for dinner and spiritual discussion. Who forgot today was Thursday? Yup, me. I can't believe I did that. I was really looking forward to that - it was supposed to be the highlight of my week. Argh. I realized at 8pm that I was supposed to be at Sue's at 6pm. She was very very gracious about the whole thing, said we'd just reschedule for another time, but I still feel so bad.

My boss is taking the whole office (that's Barb and me) to his kid's play (The Wizard of Oz) tomorrow night so that should be a fun outing. Barb's husband and mom are coming too and Bill's wife and mom. And me, alone, solo. I don't mind though. I'm actually kind of reveling in being alone right now. I'm starting to hang things, pictures, paper towel holders etc. and the place is really starting to feel more settled. Once I get that storage shed I bought last night at Lowe's assembled I'll be able to move a lot of this stuff out of my way so I can really get down to the business of unpacking and making this place a home.

I just need to con my brother into coming over soon to take a look at my outlets that aren't working and see if he can re-wire them. It's darn inconvenient not to have the outlet behind my entertainment center work.

Tomorrow we're closing on the house we're selling. Yay for funds! Since my unemployment checks aren't finding me at my new address yet but my bills are funds are a cool thing to have.

I'm adding a 4th day to my work week next week. I am continually assured that it will eventually become full-time. As long as I have enough to cover the bills though I just might stay at 4 days a week. I'm not sure if I'll have enough or not - I don't exactly know what all my expenses are going to be like in the new place (utilities etc.) yet. We will see.
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I'm not sure why I'm surprised that the wheels of justice move so slowly. I mean I work in a law office, I know how long it takes us to get stuff done...but September? September is the first available hearing the court has for finalizing my divorce. Granted it's early on in September - the 6th, but still. I guess that's only a month and a half which isn't all that long I suppose. In a twist of irony Rick and my first date was on labor day weekend and now we'll be getting our divorce finalized the Tuesday after labor day.
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1. Go to Googlism.com
2. Enter your first name into the search box and Googlism! yourself.
3. Pick the twenty BEST responses, and list them.
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Read more... )
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James Doohan passed away. For those non-trekkies out there, that's Scotty from Star Trek. I think in memoriam I'm going to go watch the Lights of Zetar now - one of the few episodes where Scotty gets the girl.
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Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Self-Control.

I was just meditating - yes, with incense and a candle - how very new age/pagan of me. ;) And as I was meditating and thinking about the book I'm reading right now by Marcus Borg (actual title is listed on my profile - I don't recall it off hand). A wave of the above washed over me like none other. And it was an affirmation that I'm on the right path. I got sidetracked a little by some personal traumas and just life's busyness in general. But my whole liberal shift - that's good, that's of God - because it produces the above. And anything that produces the fruit of the Spririt is good, holy, wonderful!

So my assignment for you all here is this - when I start stressing about something again - because we all know it will happen. :) When I start stressing again one of you needs to remind me to take time for the spiritual side of life and cease grasping. If you'd do that I'd be much obliged. Have a blessed evening.
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I haven't been out of my house since my date on Friday evening. I was going to go to church tonight, but I fell asleep instead. I'm not sure if I'm depressed, lonely or just fatigued from the fibro - maybe a little bit of all three. I don't feel particularly depressed, maybe a little bit lonely - mostly I just don't feel like doing anything to speak of except watching some TV and snuggling the kitten. I just don't seem to have the umph to do much. Can't seem to force myself to get moving. My big accomplishments today were using the treadmill and washing my dishes. I guess somedays that just has to be enough. I need to be more patient with myself I suppose. It's still hard for me to accept my physical limitations when my fibro is acting up. There is just so much still to do around here, but I guess it's not going anywhere so there's no rush.
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And a good one too. I don't recall the last time I had such an engaging conversation with a member of the opposite sex. Batman Begins was a pretty good movie and afterward we went and got coffee and just talked and talked and talked until they kicked us out of the place. Jason is a very nice guy who knows how to treat a woman. I'm not sure if I see anything serious developing between us just because of where I'm at in life right now, but I enjoy his company a great deal.
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