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That has been a blessing. But now I am so exhausted. Job interview went well. Lunch with mom and brother was fun. Shopping afterward with mom was fun too. I just didn't get nearly enough sleep last night. I told my mom the basics about what is going on with Rick and I. Last time we saw her and dad we told them we were getting counseling - somehow I knew the topic was going to come up today. That may be why I was a little queasy this morning - either that or I'm still having issues from the spicy chicken I ate from popeyes. ;) I got the "we will love you no matter what" speech that is the norm for my parents. I emphasized several times that Rick and I are sharing the fault for the state of our marriage and we don't want family and friends to place blame or take sides if we do end up splitting. Now I just need to work out, grab a shower and decide which library book to curl up with. I figure if I take a nap now I won't sleep tonight - so trying to keep myself awake until bedtime is the order of the day.


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