May. 9th, 2005

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Emphasis on the word little - but still, it has potential. Let's just say "Do you think this is a load bearing wall?" was among the questions I asked. Spent some time driving through the neighborhood which is decidedly working class with a few houses scattered throughout that are down right dumpy - but still a nice neighborhood overall. It has a nice sized front yard as it sits at the back of the property. And the tree in front at the roads edge is utterly magnificent. It's a possibility. An incredibly affordable possibility at $49,900. I have another appointment tomorrow to see another property in the same neighborhood. Of course we have to get this place sold first. Our realtor is coming tomorrow to get that ball rolling. Rick has appointments to see some houses for him tomorrow after work too. And I continue to sort through our junk and get rid of more of it little by little. If I do decide on the house I viewed today I'm thinking that I still need to get rid of a lot more junk. Might be time for a garage sale in the near future. Remind me again how I accumulated this much crap?

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