Apr. 30th, 2005

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I was just taking my medications and I dropped one of my pills on the ground. In the past I would have been annoyed, possibly even angry. At who I'm not sure - myself? The universe? Today I had only the briefest flicker of annoyance before I laughed at myself and my klutziness. Then I laughed harder as I watched the pill roll across the floor on edge in a wide, arcing half circle and come to a stop on it's edge. I almost felt like I was playing some sort of game with the universe. (Everyone by now should realize I use the word universe interchangeably with God, right?) Instead of a moment of negativity and anger it became a moment of joy and fun. In an odd way this tiny little moment in time is a profound expression of a much deeper change that has/is taking place in my life.

I've started reading yet another book. It's due back at the library soon and someone else has had the audacity to request it so I can't renew it. A History of God by Karen Armstrong (recommended to me by [livejournal.com profile] facetiae).
I wanted to share a small excerpt:

"Despite its otherworldliness, religion is highly pragmatic. We shall see that it is far more important for a particular idea of God to work than for it to be logically or scientifically sound. As soon as it ceases to be effective it will be changed - sometimes for something radically different. This did not disturb most monotheists before our own day because they were quite clear that their ideas about God were not sacrosanct but could only be provisional. They were entirely man-made - they could be nothing else - and quite separate from the indescribable Reality they symbolized... Throughout history, men and women have experienced a dimension of the spirit that seems to transcend the mundane world. Indeed, it is an arresting characteristic of the human mind to be able to conceive concepts that go beyond it in this way."


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