Apr. 1st, 2005

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Just got back from hanging out at Ravenwood (local coffee shop) with Rick, Dave K. & Dave H. It was nice to see that we can all be in the same room together and still laugh, joke, be friends etc. with a very minimal amount of tension. We had a lot of fun and numerous random conversations.

I feel like Rick is starting to get why I feel we just won't work out. At this point in our life we lack any common ground. Spiritual beliefs that used to be in synch with each other are no longer that way. And we never really had much of anything else in common to begin with. Add to that communication problems that we continue to struggle to overcome and may in fact never overcome as well as different directions and goals in our lives. Let's face it - God has not been glorified in our relationship with the constant fighting and bickering. God would be more glorified in an amicable divorce and us remaining friends - things that just don't usually happen in the world. We can be more "Christian" in our divorce than we've ever been in our marriage.
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Well, at least this time insomnia didn't set in until after I had gotten an hour and a half of sleep. Me thinks I had too much coffee at Ravenwood. Which is really kind of strange because caffeine never used to affect me at all until the last few months or so.

Moira is keeping me company but I'm still a little bored. There's not a whole lot of new things to discuss - maybe I'll go write some more poetry...or attempt to overcome the block I'm experiencing on my novel...


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