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The weekend was busy, but lots of fun. I would just like to know how in the heck it got to be Thursday already...heck, only 32 minutes until Friday now. It was nice briefly seeing David and Robyn. Guess we'll have to trek out to Iowa sometime if we want to spend some more time with them - when they come to MI they have so many people to see, weddings to attend etc.

This week I've been hyper focused on finding a treadmill - which I did this evening and it is now in my living room. I need to get regular light aerobic activity to help out with my fibromyalgia. I move too little I hurt, I move to much I hurt - we are looking for that happy medium. I can't go walking outside in this cold because that just makes the pain worse. So yay for indoors and treadmills.

I have also been hyper focused on Kyla this week - and the sad part of that is that Kyla's not real. She's my character in the WoD campaign. But she's part of the Irish mob so I'm learning all I can about the Irish in America in general and the Irish mob in particular. Yes, I even got books from the library just to research background for a rpg character. Okay, I may be a little bit of a geek - but I'm not working right now so I have time on my hands. I'm not writing right now either because I'm experiencing severe writers block. *sigh* Gaming is tomorrow night so I'll get to put all my background research to use! Yay!
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