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Chaos Happens.

Order takes forethought and constant vigilance.

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Birthdate:Mar 24
Location:Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America

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80's music, amber diceless rpg, anne mccaffrey, aries, aromatherapy, art, arthurian legends, astrology, baking, balance, blood, books, buddhism, candles, cats, celtic christianity, chaos, childfree, chocolate, chronicles of amber, communication, compassion, contemplation, creativity, crochet, crystals, deep thoughts, denial, depression, diana, dianism, disembowelment, dragons, dream interpretation, dvds, emotions, empathy, enlightenment, entropy, eroticism, ethereal, explosions, expressing myself, fairy tales, fantasy, fibromyalgia, fiction, firefly, flirting, freaks, friends, gemstones, gluten free, gnosticism, hair pulling, harmony, healing, holistic health, icosahedron, implosions, incense, indianapolis, indianapolis women's chorus, infp, insanity, inspiration, intelligence, intelligent conversation, intimacy, intuition, john gray, keira knightley, knives, laughing, leather, liberal, lord of the rings, love, love letters, making a difference, making love, making new friends, marcus borg, meditation, metaphysics, michigan, monty python, movies, music, mysticism, mythology, nature, occult, ooo! shiny!, paganism, panentheism, paranoia, paranormal, passion, pendulums, people watching, philosophy, photography, poetry, polyamory, princess bride, psychology, reading, reincarnation, renaissance festivals, rending flesh, role playing, rpgs, sarcasm, satire, science fiction, sensuality, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, sharp pointy objects, shiny things, singing, sixpence none the richer, sociology, solitude, spanking, spirits, spirituality, star trek, star wars, swords, talking, talking like a pirate, taoism, tarot, tattoos, theatre, theology, thrift shopping, tori amos, touch, trees, unreality, vampire movies, white chocolate mochas, witchcraft, writing, yin yang, zelazny
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