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Well, the LARP was tons o' fun. I really was not expecting all of the plot twists that were available...some, of course, never came to fruition. The game ended with all of us dying so that was kind of a bummer, but what are you going to do? None of us was able to uncover that particular evil plot. I was too busy dealing with a ghost of an innocent person who was hanged that I had accused of witchcraft to notice that someone else was demon possessed. After the game play all was revealed and I was delighted and surprised to discover at least 4 very imaginative story threads I had been completely unaware of during game play. Of the witches currently convicted and awaiting execution only one was actually a witch and she was gotten quite by accident. There were actually a couple of other witches floating about but they weren't under any suspicion. The actual witch trials in the story line had very little to do with actual witchcraft and more to do with greed. All in all it was a superbly complex and entertaining game.

I realized that a while back I told you about my "homework" from my writing group to write a 250 word story that included five specific words: spot, ocean, hypnogogic, miasma, and disembowelment. All the members present that particular evening chose a word - mine was....any guesses?...yes, disembowelment. ;) Anywho - thought I'd share my little mini-story with you all. It turned out a little angsty but here it is:


Ardra looked out over the dark expanse of the ocean. The lapping waves should have been calming, almost hypnogogic. But Ardra's soul was in turmoil. This was the exact spot. She was certain.

Why was she returning to this place? What kind of emotional disembowelment was she searching out? Did she think she could put the past behind her by reliving his rejection? Did part of her hope that he would be here, waiting for her? Not in real life, never in real life, only in her dreams.

This was where she had told him she loved him. He had been kind, he always was. He broke her heart as gently as possible. Better he had shattered it into a thousand pieces with harsh words. Then she would have at least had anger as a weapon to combat the heartache.

She still loved him. Loved him with an intensity that scared her. Ardra tried unsuccessfully to push away the miasma of pain that engulfed her. There was no way they would be together but they would never be apart. That reality tore her apart inside.

He should have had the courtesy to fade quietly out of her life, to allow their friendship to fade and be carried away by the wind. Instead he had the audacity to fall in love with and marry her sister. The wedding was over. Despair and agony beckoned to her with mangled hands. She took one last breath and walked forward into their cold embrace.
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