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Had a relaxing Easter weekend in Flushing with the whole family. Unfortunately I left my easter dress hanging on the outside of the closet at home so I had to do some last minute shopping on Saturday to get something to wear. There are worse things than having to buy a new dress. ;) Of course I could have just worn jeans - plenty of people do at the contemporary service at the church I grew up in - even on Easter - but apparently I'm a slave to tradition. :) Had fun shopping because Laura was with me - man that crazy chick makes me laugh. After shopping we dropped by Kelli's house, went out and picked up junk food and had girls night in which was lots of fun. Didn't get to stop by Scott's store like I had hoped due to the need to do dress shopping - guess DVD shopping will have to wait until later. Did stop by and visit with Mike at his store in Fenton and introduced the husband to him. Didn't get to see my friend Adie either - can't see everyone every time I come into town I suppose - especially since we didn't get into town until Saturday afternoon. Well, that's the long and the short of my weekend - of course there was more emotional trauma, emotionally exhausting conversations, etc. etc. and my two best friends Kelli and Laura wanted to hear the whole story about what exactly was going on. It's good to have friends to listen and help you verbally process. Kelli and Laura don't understand me and I don't really understand them but we sure love each other a whole lot. I really cherish their friendships.


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