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2005-02-12 02:34 pm
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Busy weekend

Had an awesome session of WoD last night. That's got to be the first time I've played in a group that had an even number of men and women - 3 of each. I'm rather used to being completely outnumbered by the men. I must say it's kind of nice to have it evened up for a change. It was my first time playing a new character who I think I'm really going to enjoy playing. She's Irish Mafia and handy with a knife.

Tonight Randy and Kelly are coming over for dinner and that should be lots of fun.

Tomorrow we're meeting my brother and David & Robyn/[livejournal.com profile] facetiae for breakfast before we go to church and David & Robyn go back to Iowa. It will be so good to see them - it's been a while.

Life is good - I think I kind of like being on Zoloft. My doctor put me on it to see if it would help my fibromyalgia because there's some kind of neurological pain associated with all the other stuff apparently. I don't really know the science of it...but I think it's helping on other levels too...it's apparently used to treat OCD which I've always had OCD tendencies but never wanted to go see a shrink about it. I feel a little less high-strung in general. Less likely to be completely overwhelmed when faced with too many things to do or too many options to choose from. It's kind of nice. My dosage ramps up on Monday from 25mg to 50mg...hopefully that means I'll become even less high-strung. I think in the past I've resisted the idea of medicating myself because I was afraid I would loose part of who I am, but so far I just feel more like myself...I've been missing myself lately, so that's pretty cool.

It's sunny out today. This random thought brought to you by Amanda.