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It's hard for me to breakaway,
To follow my own path
I long so much for your approval,
To not incur your wrath.

I fear most your disappointment
That you will never understand
That path that I have chosen
Or the destination where I land

It's hard enough not knowing,
Where that destination might be.
Harder still to wonder if you will be there,
Heart and soul for me.

Will you accept the choices I must make?
Or disapproval cause a rift so wide,
That there will always be discomfort
When we stand side by side?

I know you will always love me.
I know you will always care.
But I wish what we had went deeper,
That there was more freedom to share.

That I could share my dreams with you
Without being told they were wrong.
That I could open up my heart to you
And truly sing my song.

For though my song is different,
It is just as sweet.
I will not ask you to learn the words,
But can you keep the beat?

For my life is fuller with you in it,
My family, my friends.
I need your understanding now
So that all this pain can mend.
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I see the love you have for me,
Though I cannot feel its fire.
I know your love runs deep,
That you are not a liar.

For you do not merely speak of love,
You try to show me every day.
Often times it does not come through,
Because you do it in your own special way.

And your way does not mesh with mine,
And so our paths must now diverge.
The sadness shall not be disregarded,
We will each play a separate dirge.

But once the dirge is over,
And all the tears have passed.
Our friendship shall remain,
With the happy memories we’ve amassed.

And though our paths will again be two,
And no longer shall be one.
Our paths will still run parallel,
Till our time on earth is done.

For Rick

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After a big debate over at [livejournal.com profile] neontokyo's journal about the nature of poetry I decided just for kicks to dig up some of my older stuff that actually rhymes. The only piece I readily came across was this one that I wrote the summer of 1990. The rest of my stuff is buried somewhere in my desk...maybe I'll take the time to find it later.

The deep green foliage of the monolithic tree,
Spreads out over the water like a giant canopy.

The lake is serene and peaceful
While swooping in the sky
A graceful, lonely seagull
Seems to say just passing by

The tree has been there for may years,
The tree is big, beautiful, bold
And its branches many secrets hold.
The tree has seen many tears
The tree has seen many fears

And with its strong resistant air it wipes them all away
And fills people with hope to face another day.

My I was young, innocent, full of hope, and relatively un-scarred by the world back then, wasn't I? Of course I was also only 14. Oh my gosh I just realized that I wrote this half a life-time ago! I'm starting to feel age creeping up on me...I'm not old yet, but I feel like I'm starting to get there. :(
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What if life is just like a sweater?
All the events of your life knit together with care
But never finished off
One tug on the wrong stitch and everything unravels.
Will you still love me if I am just a pile of twisted yarn at your feet?
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Funny how sometimes the past seems so close
You could almost reach out and touch it.
Other times it seems so distant
Like watching the life of a stranger
Playing through your mind.
Sometimes I hardly recognize myself.
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I barrel down the tracks
With my constant companions
Angst, confusion, and despair.
Doubt, fear, and pain
Will board at the next stop.
I wish I could get off this train.
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Nostalgia is My Enemy

Nostalgia is my enemy
It makes me remember things
As better than they were
I become discontent with the present
I wonder "what if?" about the past
I dwell on things I should not

My thoughts become obsessions
Until I am trapped within my own mind
And you are there mocking me
Saying "I told you so!"
And your words fall like daggers
Through my heart.

I know, I know, it's not a Haiku and today is Haiku day, but inspiration struck...what are you gonna do?
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Post a Haiku if you've got one. (Kind of like smoke 'em if you got 'em, but totally different.) Remember it's 5 - 7 - 5 syllables...well, traditionally at least.

Here is mine:

The python squeezes
Life forced out mercilessly
Like vindictive hearts
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I LOVE the wind.
There is something about it.
It's almost indescribable, the feeling I get
When I step outside on a windy day.
I feel so exhilarated, so free, so alive!
Like I can face anything.
The wind envelops me, embraces me, urges me on.
I am under no illusion that it is my friend,
It would turn on me at a moments notice if it so desired.
The danger is part of the charm.
It is wild, it is free.
I cannot control it.
But then, neither can it control me.


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