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When the phone rang a few minutes ago I just knew it was my mother. So I let the answering machine pick it up. I just wasn't in the mood to have that conversation today. I sent her a 7 page typed letter trying to truly explain to her what is going on in my life. I knew she'd probably get it in the mail today and I also knew that the first thing she'd do after reading it was call me and want to talk about it. I'd prefer she take a little time to let what I said soak in before we have the inevitable talk which I'm just not looking forward to.
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It's hard for me to breakaway,
To follow my own path
I long so much for your approval,
To not incur your wrath.

I fear most your disappointment
That you will never understand
That path that I have chosen
Or the destination where I land

It's hard enough not knowing,
Where that destination might be.
Harder still to wonder if you will be there,
Heart and soul for me.

Will you accept the choices I must make?
Or disapproval cause a rift so wide,
That there will always be discomfort
When we stand side by side?

I know you will always love me.
I know you will always care.
But I wish what we had went deeper,
That there was more freedom to share.

That I could share my dreams with you
Without being told they were wrong.
That I could open up my heart to you
And truly sing my song.

For though my song is different,
It is just as sweet.
I will not ask you to learn the words,
But can you keep the beat?

For my life is fuller with you in it,
My family, my friends.
I need your understanding now
So that all this pain can mend.


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