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This is becoming a habit. My sleep schedule is so off from the whole being unemployed thing. Daylight savings probably didn't help either. Somehow or other I need to get this fixed. But not this weekend since I'll be staying up late on purpose tomorrow (Sat) night for gaming. Friday night gaming was canceled this week. How will I ever live? ;) Somehow I must find the will to go on. *melodramatic woman takes a bow*

My mission tomorrow - or later today depending on how you look at it - is to get rid of between 1/3 and 1/2 of my clothes. This is just a small battle in the war to un-clutter my life. I have way too many clothes. I'm also going to try to get rid of at least 1/3 of my shoes. I know I have some pairs I haven't worn in over a year so I'm figuring I just don't need them.

Cut because I rambled on for a while )
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And also, my cat is psychotic. She's doing that typical cat thing where she decides she needs to be somewhere else NOW and once she gets there she then immediately needs to be somewhere else again. Ms. darty random pants is quite amusing company for an insomniac. Better than staring at the ceiling in the bedroom. On the plus side I just wrote 2 poems - one of them I even like. ;) Now my cat is playing with my chinese/english dictionary - as long as she doesn't chew on it that's just fine. Oop, apparently it's just too heavy to make an effective toy for batting around. Wait...wait, she is settling into one position over by the heating vent...the psychoticness seems to be at an intermission. Hey, it's 3 in the morning, I have nothing better to do than give you a play by play on the cat's antics. Okay, apparently the area rug made a sudden movement that my cat considered to be aggressive - she has beaten it soundly into submission. It will think twice before it attacks her again. Aw, crap she just went back downstairs...now who's going to keep my company? Guess it's time for a snack and then another attempt at shutting my eyes and getting some sleep before my 8am interview.
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But that HAS to be one of the cutest things in the world. I just watched my cat (whom I always refer to as my kitten even if she is 4 now) open the sliding door into the den. It's quite commonplace, she does it everyday - I see the evidence (she has yet to learn to close the door after she leaves). See, technically she's not allowed in the den because it's carpeted in here and Rick is allergic. However, she lets herself in every night and sleeps on the lazy-boy in here. We've kind of given up that fight. Usually she won't open the door when someone is actually in the den because she knows she's not supposed to be in here. So, I only occasionally catch the following display of cuteness.

I hear the door creak and I see this little kitten paw stick itself under the bottom edge of the door. She lifts and moves the door but it only moves about half an inch out of the frame. She tries again, no luck, the door won't move from her leverage point. So I see the other kitten paw reach through the side of the door and push it open just a little more until she can get her head in and push it open far enough so that she could come all the way through. She stops on the threshold dead in her tracks. Then I see her cock her head to the side and give me this little befuddled kitten face that seems to say. "Oh, you're in here. Uh, I knew that - I just was checking on you to see if you were okay because I just love you so much mom. I am as innocent as the day is long." Then she turns around and goes back downstairs. I love that little kitten face, she lights up my days!
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Moira (that would be my cat) is the best! Whenever I spill something on the floor she is all over that and cleans it right up. This time it was orange creme yogurt. I think her thought process about anything she finds on the floor is 1. Is it food? 2. If not, is it a toy? :0) Once she ate a piece of onion that fell on the floor. She gave me a funny look after that one. Funny thing is that a few days later I gave her another piece of onion on purpose to see if she would eat it knowing what it tasted like. Well, either cats do indeed have exceedingly short memories or my cat likes onions. *laughs* I am incredibly attached to that little fur ball. I talk to her a lot - probably more than would be considered normal. But, I'm rarely accused of being normal. ;)


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