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I had one of those blonde moments today - well, actually I just realized I had been having a blonde moment since I moved in here. The carpenter that my cousin works with on bathroom remodels came by to take a look at the bathroom and he walked into the bathroom and punched the round dimmer switch and the overhead flood lamp came on. I've been thinking the entire time I've been here that that light was burned out and I would need to replace the bulb because I grew up in a house where you turned the dimmer switches to turn them on...it never occured me to push the dimmer switch. :)

I met Sue for coffee/dinner at 4pm tonight and we had an absolutely wonderful conversation about spirituality. She's going to arrange a time and place for the two of us to get together with her daughter and her other friend Donna so we can have another great spiritual discussion. Sue is as liberal a Christian as I am - maybe more. :) I can't wait to have our discussion time. I hope it becomes a regular occurence.

I get to go see Batman Begins tonight with Jason. I've been dying to see that movie. I'm not quite sure if this is a date or just two friends getting together to see a movie. Jason is well aware of all that is going on in my life right now and that I'm not up for anything serious - but I did meet him on Yahoo personals. In one of those strange it's a small, small greater Michigan area stories he happens to have dated one of my best friends from high school back in college - they went to the same college. So I have her word on it that he's a sweet guy and not a stalker. ;)


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