Jul. 28th, 2005

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The shed lives! It took the 5 of us the better part of 3 hours to assemble the puppy, but it's up. Let's hope we don't get high winds and it blows away before I can load it down with my crap. :) I am truly blessed to have family and friends that will pitch in and help me out. There is no way I could have *ever* gotten that shed up by myself.

After the assembly "party" we all went to see Fantastic 4 which I thought was pretty entertaining. So I just got home a little bit ago and even though I'm physically exhausted I'm so wound up I won't be able to sleep for a while. I'm really up tonight, happy, singing along with the radio kind of up. It's a good thing.
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Hmm, he's the one that said if I ever contacted him again or showed up at his place he'd call the police, but he's reading my journal and leaving me nasty e-mail. Yeah, uh huh, I'm the immature one. I've moved on with my life, heck I HAVE a life. So we're going to friends only. If you've been reading and want to continue you'll have to make your own account comment below and I will add you as a friend. Sorry for the inconvenience to the rest of you.


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