Jun. 11th, 2005

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Dang a lot has been going on and it's been a while since I updated. Rick closed on his new place last Friday and moved into it on Saturday. We had our first open house on our place the following day on Sunday. Dave and I were up until 3:30 cleaning to get the place in shape for the open house and then I got up at 9am the next morning to finish things up. It still wasn't as clean as I wanted it to be, but it served. We had 5 couples come through that day and two more (or possibly some from Sunday returning with their realtors to look again) come through on Monday. Two more people viewed the house on Thursday and another one is viewing it tomorrow. Lots of traffic hopefully = quick sale. I have had my offer on the place I decided on accepted and will close by the end of June. It's little - but big enough for one.

During the open house I went to a family thing out at my Aunt's place - a gathering for my grandma's birthday even though she doesn't want to celebrate her birthday anymore. It was interesting. I also dropped the news, informally and in private conversations (I didn't make a big announcement or anything) that I'm getting divorced. It was not quite as awkward and painful as I had thought it might be.

My job is going really well. They seem really pleased with me and feel that I'm working out great - they can't believe how quickly I'm picking up things like their billing software (considering I've got no billing experience in my past work experience) - I pick things up quickly, always have. I really like Bill (the attorney whose office it is) - he's an honest to gosh good person. He specializes in estate planning, probate and real estate law and has a great sense of humor. I wasn't sure about his legal secretary at first because she wasn't initially very friendly to me but I think she was just too busy to be very friendly because Barb seems to have really warmed up to me as well. So hopefully everything will work out there and I will go full time at some point - hopefully sooner rather than later.

This weekend Dave and I are heading down to Ohio for my friend Jenna's wedding. She's getting married at the Columbus Zoo where she works. Should be interesting. We'll be crashing and Julie and Dustin's place near Bowling Green and it will be great to see them and their little boy Xander as well as his brand new twin sisters that just arrived last month.

I'm living in a constant state of...well, not quite stress, not sure what to call it. I just can't relax very well in my own home right now because it has to be clean and neat at all times (or not too far away from being able to be made so) in case someone wants to see it. I'm spending a lot of time at Dave's place not just because I can relax here but also because they have central air and it's been HOT here lately. Scorching. Hope you all have good weekends. I'll catch you around.


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