May. 30th, 2005

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been busy lately. I continue to sort through stuff and try to get this house in shape for the open house next weekend. This weekend was jam packed full of other events due to the holiday as well. Saturday a bonfire at Lisa from the gaming group's place, Sunday a graduation party for Eric from the gaming group, Tonight a bonfire at Seth's place - yup, another from the gaming group. And earlier this afternoon Beth and her son Jason, Edward and his roommate Grace, and Dave came to help Rick and I get a handle on the gardens here so the place can look nice outside too while we're trying to sell it. Whew, I'm tired, and a little sore from all the weed pulling. And I have to work tomorrow. Yes, that's right I have a job. It's through one of the temp agencies I'm registered with and it's only part-time to start because this office would like to see if I'm going to fit with them first. But if things go well it will become full time and permanent. It's clerical work in a law office a few blocks away from the house I've been thinking that I would like to buy. How potentially convenient. Well, that's the brief update on what's going on in my life. Hope everyone else had a great memorial day weekend too.


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