May. 12th, 2005

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I'm sorting through papers and Rick has receipts dating back to before we were married for items that cost as little as a couple of dollars. Hope he won't be upset that I tossed them but I can't see what possible reason there would be to hang onto anything more than a year old.

Joined a Star Wars campaign that plays on Wed nights. Last night was my first time. I do so enjoy the Star Wars Universe - probably even more than Star Trek as big of a Trekkie as I may be. Maybe it's the religious overtones of the Force that appeals so much to me in Star Wars. Sometimes the Star Trek universe seems almost sterile by comparison.

I got another definite no on another job and another "we're still in the process of setting up 2nd interviews you can expect to hear back from us soon" from another. Soon - soon I shall have a job - or take over the universe. I haven't decided which yet. I suppose if I got ambitious I could do both but I really prefer to pace myself.

I've got lots to do today so I best get out of my PJs and go do it. Wait...get out of my PJs, put on other clothes and go do it...yeah, that would be much better. Hugs to all!


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