May. 3rd, 2005

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I'm just hyper focused on clearing out some of the clutter in my room. Ever since I moved into the spare bedroom a few weeks ago I've been driven to distraction by the clutter in there. Little by little I've been clearing it out but I think I've exceeded my tolerance for clutter at this point because I can't seem to relax until things are a little more opened up in there. Anyway - as I was sorting through junk I came across one of my notebooks that has been MIA for a while. I came across this poem I thought I would share. Quite frankly I may have posted it once already when I wrote it, but I can't remember. I don't know exactly when I wrote it even as I didn't date it. I do know it was near the beginning of what has turned into an incredible journey.

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I'm selling off my old Strawberry Shortcake items from the '80s if anyone is interested. I also have a few other things including PartyLite and Mikasa items listed.

Oh, and Laura I'm saving an old 1976 Hello Kitty tape dispenser for you instead of selling it off on ebay - that is, if you're interested... :)


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