Apr. 27th, 2005

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That is the second time in the last couple of days that I have found poor Moira stuck out on the back porch because the door has swung shut. I just suddenly realized that I had been in the den for a couple of hours and Moira hadn't come to visit me once. That's not normal. I stood at the top of the stairs and called her - she always comes when I call, but still no Moira. So I ventured into the dark, creepy basement and saw that the sun porch door was shut - again (yes, you access our sun porch off of the basement). In the past I probably would have blamed Rick - now, well, I think my house might be haunted. Okay, it might have been Rick, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt considering other random noises I have heard at times coming from the basement while Moira sits right next to me so I know it can't be her. No matter how it happened - my poor little baby was shut away from her food, litter box, and her mommy - poor sweetie.
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Well the trip to mom & dad's was swell. I got to hang out with Kelli and her fiance Jimmy on Sunday night. We couldn't find Laura and Nolan though - never did find them all weekend. Hope everything is okay with them. Monday I hung out with Scott at his store, bought a couple of DVDs, ate peach salsa and watched a little bit of Adult Swim. After that I headed over to my friend Adrienne's place. Spent most of the rest of the day there just hanging out and discussing life, spirituality, and cats. Her cat Chelsea was in rare form, whining in her very low toned voice about the fact that they had run out of wet food. Finally Adie and I went to the store to shut her up - apparently she has Adie well trained. :)

Adrienne and I have known each other since we were about 3 when my family moved to the church we both grew up in - so essentially forever. She went to Albion which is supposed to be a Christian college and came out Pagan. She never thought she'd be having the conversations she is now having with me since I was always so conservative. It was really great hanging out with her and talking everything over. She's known me so long - she's seen everything I've gone through in my life - it was great to get her perspective on things. We also took time to call the 3rd member of our youth group entourage from back in the day, Katie who lives in Montana now.

Tuesday I saw Kelli and Jimmy again briefly before heading back to Kazoo. Today I headed over to a friend's place to be there for her when she got back from her son's court hearing. She wasn't sure what time she would be back but though probably around 10am since the hearing was at 8am. Well, things didn't go as planned and she didn't get back until after 1pm. About 11am I called her from her driveway where I was sitting in my car reading and left a message telling her I was heading over to the library there in Delton which is where my brother is the director. So I got to spend some time hanging out with Edward and we went and had lunch together about noon. It was good getting a chance to hang out with him and talk a bit. After I dropped him back off at the library and went back over to my friend's place it wasn't too terribly long until she got back. She and I spent a couple hours talking, a little about her son's court hearing - but about a lot of other things too. Then I came home.

So Wednesday is well on it's way to being over and the weekend is not too far off and I'm realizing I have a very busy weekend planned. Saturday my brother is having a party to celebrate Kirsten Dunst's birthday (he needed an excuse for a party) from 4-8pm. Hey, he's gonna have free pizza and pop, so I'm gonna be there. :) Apparently several movies starring Kirsten Dunst will be shown. Sunday is Beltane and Beth and I have plans to go to a Beltane festival at Choices in Richland. Sara will be coming too. I haven't met Sara yet, but she is the Wiccan Priestess that Beth is studying under. So it should be interesting to meet her.

Okay - we all know it already, but it bears repeating. Moira is adorable. She's exposing her fluffy little tummy and licking her paw right now - aww, how cute.


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