Apr. 24th, 2005

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Maybe someday I'll learn to stop having expectations and just take life as it comes. I checked out Unity today. I would not have thought that there was someplace that was simultaneously too conservative and too liberal for me, but apparently there is. The service itself was too conservative/traditional for my taste with pre-printed prayers to recite together which I've never cared too much for. The theology was too liberal. They think that we're all God essentially. We're all perfectly divine and Jesus was just a metaphor for that fact so to speak. If we follow his example in practical ways then we can reach a higher state of consciousness or some such thing. Essentially they're worshiping themselves - or at least that was my impression. That plus not a single person bothered to welcome me or introduce themselves except for the pastor and that was only after I hovered near her for a few minutes waiting for an opportunity to talk to her. So my impression, at least of this congregation, is that they're a tad on the self-absorbed side.

Definitely NOT the place for me. I'm sure many people are happy there - but I was definitely receiving a this is not for you message the entire time I was sitting there. In fact, I felt so drained and off center after the service that I had to make a special trip out to the hide and go thwap place to re-center myself by connecting to God through nature. There is a certain place there that is special to me where I can always feel God's presence and peace. Of course, being as this is Michigan and we're having freakish Michigan weather that meant trudging through snow. Yes, snow - actual snow on the ground at the end of April! On the positive side, not enough to necesitate having to shovel, but still snow.

This afternoon I am driving my mother back home to Flushing and then spending a couple days with the parental units. I'm hoping to catch some time with friends while I'm there - but that remains to be seen. Lord knows if I have to be alone in the house with my mother for any extended periods of time there is a good chance I will go insane from sheer frustration. I love my mother, I really do - she just has this way of exasperating me without even trying. I'm just hoping she doesn't want to talk about the whole divorce thing. My family does have a tendency not to want to talk about things that are unpleasant so maybe that will work in my favor this time. :) Anyway, I have to pack and by now you all know the drill - going to the parents' means I'll be incommunicado for the time I'm gone since they have no internet access. Catch you all on Tuesday.


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