Apr. 21st, 2005

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I got less than four hours of sleep last night, have been up since about 6:30 am and only took an accidental nap - more of a doze really - for about 15 minutes this afternoon. I am WIDE awake and full of energy right now when I should so be heading for bed. I'm going to chalk it up to being on an emotional high - energy chi this morning may have contributed too - but I think mostly it was that wonderful e-mail with my Dad and the great hours long conversation this evening with Beth. It's so wonderful not to feel isolated, depressed, stressed out all the time. I feel so free, so close to God. So entirely who I was made to be. It's exhilarating. I was driving home from Beth's tonight and even though a lot of what we talked about wasn't necessarily happy stuff I couldn't help but laugh out loud for the sheer joy of having such a close, trustworthy friend...of not feeling alone. Of having someone who not only can I be there for but who I can trust with my fears and sorrows as well. Damn skippy - that's what God intends for relationships!
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I got up this morning a little after 7am, ate breakfast, worked out, took a shower, got dressed and was sitting on the couch reading when I started to feel so incredibly sleepy. You know - the kind of sleepy you just can't resist even if you wanted to. I got into bed and snuggled under the quilt thinking I would just take a quick nap. Well, 3 1/2 hours later I finally woke up when my brother called. Not that I managed to grab his call because it got all jumbled in with the dream I was having at the time and I woke up in a rather confused state of mind to really only comprehend the end of the message he was leaving on my answering machine. The thing is that I still feel so incredibly sleepy right now and part of me just wants to crawl back into bed, but I think that would be a bad idea since I have errands I need to run and I really need to get out of this house for a while because I'm starting to feel a little enclosed. Yup, need to go for a walk or something.
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I just saw an ad for Kingdom of Heaven a new movie staring Orlando Bloom and directed by Ridley Scott. Me want to see!


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