Apr. 13th, 2005

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Many people say that he is. I'm looking into this question for the first time with an open mind, willing to accept God's truth whatever that may be. With prayer and meditation and research I know God will reveal the truth to me if I persevere. Here's one interesting sermon I've come across in my search of the web so far:

She seems to lean towards the answer being no. But I think a more cogent point that she makes is that we can't really know for sure and that is okay. Christianity is not supposed to be about having all the right answers and enforcing them. Christianity is about following Jesus' example, loving people, insisting on justice, being selfless, forgiving others etc. If we focused more on living like Christ and worried less about what happens when we die I think the church would have a much stronger witness to the world.
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Well, just for kicks I decided to re-take the Myers-Briggs test just to see if my answers would be any different now that I feel like I'm truly being myself rather than who I think others think I'm supposed to be. Hey, that sentence made sense to me, so if it didn't make sense to you that's your problem. :)

Anyway, I'm still an INFP but I did notice these changes from the last time I took it back in 1998. While I'm still an I(introvert) I'm closer to an E(extrovert) than I used to be. I have become even more N (intuitive) over S (sensing) and even more F (feeling) over T (Thinking). I am still a P (Perceiving) but have moved a little closer to the J (Judging) side of things.

So what is an INFP anyway? (and yes I do believe this is a very accurate description of me):
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