Mar. 31st, 2005

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And also, my cat is psychotic. She's doing that typical cat thing where she decides she needs to be somewhere else NOW and once she gets there she then immediately needs to be somewhere else again. Ms. darty random pants is quite amusing company for an insomniac. Better than staring at the ceiling in the bedroom. On the plus side I just wrote 2 poems - one of them I even like. ;) Now my cat is playing with my chinese/english dictionary - as long as she doesn't chew on it that's just fine. Oop, apparently it's just too heavy to make an effective toy for batting around. Wait...wait, she is settling into one position over by the heating vent...the psychoticness seems to be at an intermission. Hey, it's 3 in the morning, I have nothing better to do than give you a play by play on the cat's antics. Okay, apparently the area rug made a sudden movement that my cat considered to be aggressive - she has beaten it soundly into submission. It will think twice before it attacks her again. Aw, crap she just went back who's going to keep my company? Guess it's time for a snack and then another attempt at shutting my eyes and getting some sleep before my 8am interview.
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That has been a blessing. But now I am so exhausted. Job interview went well. Lunch with mom and brother was fun. Shopping afterward with mom was fun too. I just didn't get nearly enough sleep last night. I told my mom the basics about what is going on with Rick and I. Last time we saw her and dad we told them we were getting counseling - somehow I knew the topic was going to come up today. That may be why I was a little queasy this morning - either that or I'm still having issues from the spicy chicken I ate from popeyes. ;) I got the "we will love you no matter what" speech that is the norm for my parents. I emphasized several times that Rick and I are sharing the fault for the state of our marriage and we don't want family and friends to place blame or take sides if we do end up splitting. Now I just need to work out, grab a shower and decide which library book to curl up with. I figure if I take a nap now I won't sleep tonight - so trying to keep myself awake until bedtime is the order of the day.


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