Mar. 6th, 2005

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So I nearly fainted when I got a call back from the governor's office that same day that I spoke to unemployment and was told that I had been approved, the check had been cut and it would be in the mail the next day (Thurs.) and it arrived yesterday in the mail! Yes! Money is a wonderful thing. The check was over $1000 (since it was for 4 weeks) which is much needed money at this point. I mean we have savings we could dip into if worse came to worse, but we like to avoid that if at all possible.

Also, I had a job interview on Friday that sounds really promising. The Michigan Hearing Center which is a block from my house needs a receptionist/admin. asst. I really seemed to hit it off with both audiologists in the practice and it sounds like it would be a really laid back, low-stress environment to work in. It'll probably start as part-time but work into full-time...and I really think it's a full time job I could handle because of the environment. I'm just hoping and praying they'll call tomorrow and offer me the position. It would start out paying a little less then I was making before but after they train me to do minor repairs to hearing aids etc. (30-60 days) the wage would go up $2 an hour which would mean I would be making more than I did at my last job. I'm trying to wait patiently for good news and dreading that it'll be bad news instead.


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