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So what have I been talking about ALL week? Getting together on Thursday with Sue and her daughter Kyla for dinner and spiritual discussion. Who forgot today was Thursday? Yup, me. I can't believe I did that. I was really looking forward to that - it was supposed to be the highlight of my week. Argh. I realized at 8pm that I was supposed to be at Sue's at 6pm. She was very very gracious about the whole thing, said we'd just reschedule for another time, but I still feel so bad.

My boss is taking the whole office (that's Barb and me) to his kid's play (The Wizard of Oz) tomorrow night so that should be a fun outing. Barb's husband and mom are coming too and Bill's wife and mom. And me, alone, solo. I don't mind though. I'm actually kind of reveling in being alone right now. I'm starting to hang things, pictures, paper towel holders etc. and the place is really starting to feel more settled. Once I get that storage shed I bought last night at Lowe's assembled I'll be able to move a lot of this stuff out of my way so I can really get down to the business of unpacking and making this place a home.

I just need to con my brother into coming over soon to take a look at my outlets that aren't working and see if he can re-wire them. It's darn inconvenient not to have the outlet behind my entertainment center work.

Tomorrow we're closing on the house we're selling. Yay for funds! Since my unemployment checks aren't finding me at my new address yet but my bills are funds are a cool thing to have.

I'm adding a 4th day to my work week next week. I am continually assured that it will eventually become full-time. As long as I have enough to cover the bills though I just might stay at 4 days a week. I'm not sure if I'll have enough or not - I don't exactly know what all my expenses are going to be like in the new place (utilities etc.) yet. We will see.
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